Monday, May 24, 2010

Life with the E63

Three weeks without a phone wasn't a much welcome experience, but the all new Nokia E63 that followed wiped all the worries away.

I had by no means imagined that I'd end up with an awesome phone like this. What better phone can a boy who had only an N70 wish for?

So here I am, typing proudly with its qwerty keyboard in the quickoffice suite, checking for new tweets in Gravity now and then, and occasionally returning to my ebook when I feel like. Then perhaps I will watch the next episode of The Big Bang Theory in Real Player. Suddenly I see something worth sharing on the road, capture it and post in TwitPic. What a wonderful life this is! What should the lives of people who doesn't have E63s be like!

Believe me, life with an E63 is simply wonderful!

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