Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Office Compatibility Checker

You have typed this certain document having several pages with lot of effort in the Word 2007 format, or perhaps the document may span several hundred pages. And now you have to convert the document to 2003 format. But will the converted document be exactly a clone of the original? Well, you can find this out by clicking on the Office button (to the top-left screen) and selecting Prepare->Run Compatibility Checker.

It gives a list of warnings on what will happen when you try to convert to 2003 format, and their number of occurrences. For example, I got the following warning recently: SmartArt graphics will be converted into a single object that can't be edited in previous versions of Word.

In the bottom of the box you can turn on automatic compatibility checking when saving in older formats (this is turned on in default)

This compatibility checker is available in other Office packages as well.


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