Wednesday, February 3, 2010

People around us

Lately, I was thinking about the nice people around me. How unique each of them is! Wow, it's really nice to have so much different people to talk to!

Yes, some of them are really annoying at times, but yet, they're wonderful in so me way or other. Each of them have some nice feature if we think about it. X is studious, but I love him seeing studying, to see how some people can really put whole their efforts into boring things like that. And he does that really well too! Y behaves quite odd most of the time. But the more I talk with him, the more I get to know about the things in the world I don't know.

And there's this person S, who rarely speaks. I watch him walking, how he's not interested in most of the things happening around him. He's by himself. People make fun of him, but it's not him that cares. Why should he?

T's sentences always contain some bad words, even curses. But he's quite creative with that. I know of no one who can use bad words in such a creative manner.

In fact, we always only see the bad things of people. Forget the thousand good things he's done, if he commits one thing we find wrong, that's it. Yet how many of us try to think of the good and unique features of all these people? How the world will lose him if he were not here! Ain't these the people who add spice to the world we live in?



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