Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is the way we comb our hair

I and my friend moved to this new boarding place in rajagiriya. We hadn't brought much of the belongings from the previous place, so had to shop for toothpastes, soap, combs, shoe polish, and all such minor stuff.

I love the pavement shops in the Borella junction. You can shop while you're walking to the bus stop. You can shop when you're waiting for your friend to arrive. You can shop even while you're hurrying for some important task. And, these shops can cater to most of your daily needs, too.

So almost all the stuff we bought were from these pavement shops. The prices aren't scary, and you can always find the cheapest of the kind. But when we got back and tried to comb our hairs, this is what we found out:

Too bad. Why didn't we double check before we put the thing to the bags? Because it was too small a thing to check? It cost only 30 rupees though. But 30 is 30, you know. Got to find some glue to fix the thing now.

Yes, plastic goodies in the market these days are so carelessly assembled. Especially those tiny things we find in the pavement shops including toys. Whatever amount it costs, we ought to check the thing twice just to be safe.

And the moral of the story is, you'll go to work with the hair messed up the next day if you don't do your shopping carefully.


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