Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's an antivirus called ubuntu

I stumbled upon this thread in today:

The question been asked is:

"A frient of mine heard of a program that will make you never get viruses again.
Its called Ubuntu. I go to the site and download the program, but it wont install.
How do I install it. I got like a lot of viruses and dont like that it makes my computer slow and sends stuff to friends.
I just want to chat with my friends and internet without getting viruses.
This is the good site to ask about this, right.
Srry for my bad english."

The people in the forums have answered him, welcoming him to the linux world, telling him that Ubuntu is an operating system - not an antivirus, etc. And at one point the problem poser says:

"Wubi. I download it and click install. Its busy now.
Thank you for the help.
I don't know what a operating system is. I hope just the viruses are gone.
I think this is what my friend got."

He is just another typical example of a normal computer user who doesn't want to know the inside out of a computer, but just use it for his day to day tasks.

"It isn't windows. I didnt know that. Just dont want viruses anymore.
I can chat and use internet with ubuntu. Youtube, facebook, msn. Yes."

Ubuntu will be the best choice for him. It's very good that he chose ubuntu forums. Just to know that you have a whole community to help you when in trouble, that's lovely!

We meet lots of people having similar problems - who don't know what an operating system is, who just want to know how to get their surfing and wordprocessing done hazzle-free. All we people need to do is to carefully guide them in their transition to Ubuntu, without burdening them with technical stuff. Just make their life in ubuntu wonderful and exciting!



Supun Budhajeewa on February 21, 2010 at 9:39 PM said...

The forum thread is now gone! Don't know the reason why.

Anyway, to make a switch from Windows to Ubuntu, he gotta have a knowledge of what is a OS. But he doesn't seemed to have. Even though forum members tried to make him understand like spoon-feeding, he didn't get it. The problem was with his language. He was not fluent in English to understand some technical terms.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a BIG AV (i mean the size). BTW ull get free OS, word processor, C compiler, web browser etc too :D :D all for no price :)

තමීර | Thameera on February 21, 2010 at 9:48 PM said...

@Supun Budhajeewa
Oops, yes, it's gone. Anyway you read the thread ne?
Yes, he's little knowledge of everything, but for a person like him, who merely use chat and internet, buying windows is quite a waste. Ubuntu is more than enough for him. That's why I said what is required is to guide them in the correct path.

Yeah, the only AV you'll need :D

Anonymous said...

True. Its people like this the FOSS movement should focus on.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ubuntu moderators arbitrarily deleting threads with no accountability whatsoever? Nooooo, that would _never_ happen, right?

Use Debian. It's what Ubuntu strives to be, but fails.

Anonymous said...

Who is linux, and does he know ubuntu?

MikeFrizzi on February 24, 2010 at 11:30 PM said...

This is very hysterical, but, education does have to start somewhere. I remember many years ago I had to ask my friend what the fuss was about Linux...though I pronounced it like Linus from Charlie Brown but with an X. Still, many major antivirus companies have AV solutions for these supposedly safe products like Linux and Macs, so I don't think UBUNTU protections will be too far off. Once the install base grows, so will the attacks.

jon said...


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